Peugeot new car in 2014: Makes It Hard to Choose

If you are looking for a Peugeot  new car in 2014 you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to looking at what’s on offer to tempt us from Peugeot.

Whether you looking for a crossover, something that will definitely get the pulse racing or something with strong eco-credentials, Peugeot are offering new models that will tick plenty of boxes.


You might struggle to do something with these letters if you pulled them out of the bag in a game of scrabble but when it comes to a car that will turn heads and raise your heart rate this could be worth a triple word score.

If you plump for the RCZ R coupe, you are quite simply getting behind the wheel of the fastest and most powerful car Peugeot have produced in their history.

Arriving in showrooms in January 2014, this new Peugeot model is destined to be heading for a showdown with the Audi TTS and the 1.6 turbo engine delivers an impressive 270hp, using a chassis overhaul to provide enhanced looks and handling, this is a car that will definitely grow on you.

The facts and figures are pretty impressive with an amazing 44.8mpg combined and the EU testing cycle reported emission figures of just 145g/km CO2, it offers fun and excitement but some sensible running costs too.

2014 Peugeot
2014 Peugeot

208 Hybrid FE

If you had to sum up the 208 Hybrid FE in one word it would be innovation. The FE is a joint project between Total and Peugeot and the brief was to produce a car based on the ever-popular 208 but despite using the same dimensions, tweak it so that you get a car that sprints from 0-62 in a giddy eight seconds whilst achieving 148mpg and delivering CO2 emissions of only 49g/km. Continue reading “Peugeot new car in 2014: Makes It Hard to Choose”