How Experts Reconstruct Car Accidents

When you are involved in a car accident that has resulted in serious bodily harm or the loss of a loved one, it must be determined who is at fault and the circumstances that led to the accident. Under these circumstances, it is recommended to get in touch with a car accident lawyer who can help protect your rights.

Investigators work to reconstruct these crash scenes in order to make a reasonable determination of the events before during and after the collision. Different methods are used during accident reconstruction.

reconstruct car accidents
Car Accidents

Crash Anatomy

There’s specific terminology to help anyone understand accident reconstruction. The following are possible examples to illustrate the technical jargon:

  • Point of first possible perception: As you are driving you notice something that alerts you to possible trouble, perhaps you think you see headlights in the distance that seem to be traveling in your direction.
  • Point of actual perception: The car is closer, you realize that there is a car headed straight for your vehicle.
  • Point of no escape: You have quickly assessed that there is no way for you to move away from the path of the car headed toward you.
  • Point of operator action: You swerve to avoid the oncoming car.
  • Point of initial engagement: The oncoming car moves in the same direction and the two cars collide.
  • Final resting position: Where the two cars come to a complete stop after impact.

Energy Loss

Energy loss is one aspect of the accident that must be evaluated. There are four ways that energy is lost during an accident:

  • the surface of the road absorbs energy
  • sporadic movement create a loss of energy
  • energy is lost during vehicle damage
  • energy is lost due to a transfer from the vehicle to other stationary objects

Energy is analyzed to determine the speed at which you and the other drivers involved in the accident were driving prior to impact. Continue reading “How Experts Reconstruct Car Accidents”