Simple Maintenance Tips for Car or Truck

Being a responsible car owner can add years to the life of your vehicle. Looking at maintenance issues now often avoids costly problems that sometimes lead to total failure of cars or trucks. Each make and model has their own considerations, so take time to read the provided manuals before setting up any type of plan. Today we cover here, simple maintenance tips for car or truck.

Monitor Tyre Pressure and Treads

Tyres are often a concern for drivers. Their loss can mean an accident or leave owners stranded until help arrives. Start by checking the pressure of each Tyre. Manuals list the correct number for various situations. Treads are another issue that could become dangerous. Worn treads are no longer safe for use. Tyres that exhibit this trait should be replaced immediately.

Maintenance Tips for Car
Maintenance Tips for Car

Check the Oil As Well As Other Fluids

Loss of fluids is a common reason for car problems. Oil is the most important element of this category. A standard check can quickly show if there is dangerously low levels. Engines can be damaged without the proper amount of this liquid, so add the correct oil before operating a vehicle. Brake fluid is another concern. Loss of this substance could lead to a complete failure during any type of braking. Also look at coolant levels during this routine check. This works to prevent overheating that would destroy engines as well as other parts necessary to operate a vehicle. Continue reading “Simple Maintenance Tips for Car or Truck”