Small Garages- Dedicated To You

It’s a fact of life that you need to keep your car maintained so that it operates at peak efficiency. The trouble is, where are you going to get your car serviced? You know there’s the dealership service department, but the pricing there burns right through your wallet. There is also the local Joe Meatloaf Autotech, but how do you know you aren’t being swindled there? Below are some of the pros and cons of dealerships and regular auto body shops.

Personal relationships

A competent mechanic is the best type of worker to repair or maintain your vehicle. Getting to know what kind of mechanic will be working on your car is next to impossible at a dealership. Getting to know the mechanic can only be done at a small garage. At these facilities, you will get to know the mechanic by name, and if you frequent the shop regularly, the mechanic will become familiar with your car and may even be able to foresee problems that could crop up. This one-on-one relationship can help bolster your trust in the shop. You can request the opportunity to observe as they do repairs, and use that time to learn about the repair process.

small garages
Small Garages

At a dealership, you are often a mere number on a printout. Often you will not be able to meet the mechanic who services your vehicle. Additionally, the same mechanic rarely works on your car twice, making it impossible for any one mechanic to get to know your car. Continue reading “Small Garages- Dedicated To You”