The ultimate MOT guide

An MOT is a must for all vehicles after their first three years – whether you opted for a used Ferrari or small Corsa; an MOT test is essential. So, here is your ultimate MOT guide to everything you need to know about getting yourself this year.

So, what is an MOT test?

MOT stands for the Ministry of Transport test and is crucial for every car owner to have one on their vehicle. An MOT is needed once every year for cars that are more than three years old – the vehicle must pass the MOT test in order to be legally allowed to drive on British roads.
A test not a service

It is a common misconception that an MOT is a car service – it is not. You should take your car for a regular service to ensure that it passes the MOT test. Whilst the MOT will conduct a range of checks on your car – they will not fix them and you will have wasted a lot of money getting the MOT test and failing.


You should also do weekly maintenance checks of your tyres, oil level and water. Continue reading “The ultimate MOT guide”