Best Tyre Brands On The Market

Wheels and tyres have a very important relationship and it is vital that their relation is strong enough because the whole car depends on them. If you are looking for cheap wheels but the tyres are really expensive then they may not be compatible with each other. So it is better if you buy both of them at the same time so that you can get it checked by the company as well. Now there are various brands in the market that are well known for the tyres which they sell. Given below are some of the details of the best tyre brands that exist in the market:


This brand stands amongst the top three tyre making companies in allover of the world. Since they are on such a top position you can expect the best quality tyres from them and they will certainly not disappoint you. If you check the public rating then it has been in the good books for quite a few years and their quality has been stable enough to keep them in the good books of people.

best tyre brands


This is basically a German company operating in different names such as Mabor, Barum, Uniroyal, Viking and Semperit. This company is mostly famous in Europe and with the trend in the market it seems that it will soon be famous all round the world in the next couple of years. The best part of this company is the price and the quality. It has the ability to give good quality of products however the price is pocket friendly.

Goodyear Dunlop-

This is one of the oldest companies selling tyres and with its reputation it can go on for years to come. They are undoubtedly one of the best brands producing car tyres and you can completely rely on the quality of the product that this company will sell. It gives a great competition to companies like Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear. So you can well understand the position that this company holds.


This is also one of the top brands selling car tyres in the market. It has been in this business for quite a few years now and has made a good name for itself. In fact it is regarded as one of the top three companies. With Michelin tyres it is guaranteed that you will have a very good driving experience because of the quality of products that it gives to its customers. That is the main reason why people have high regards for this company.


Pirelli is an Italian company but with the tyres that it makes it has made its name in all over the world. It has very close competitors in the name of Michelin and Continental and that is the main reason why they have upgraded the quality of the tyres they sell. It truly deserves to stand in the top five brands selling car tyres because of the price and the quality of the product.

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