How to get your car through an MOT

Booking your vehicle in for an MOT can be a daunting experience as the trepidation that comes with it is almost palatable. If a car fails the test it can become extremely expensive, as repairs will need to be carried out, and it can be a significant inconvenience as you may be without your vehicle for a number of days while work is carried out.

However, this does not need to be the case as there are a host of small maintenance tasks that you can carry out yourself, to make sure your vehicle is going into the test with the best possible chance of passing with flying colours and costing you the bare minimum.

booking your vehicle

So, where should you start?


Tyres are a crucial element of any vehicle and are the only contact with the ground, which makes them integral to the performance of a car and the distance it takes for the vehicle to stop.

With this in mind, mechanics carrying out MOTs pay particular attention to these, so any damaged tyres or those with tread below legal limits will result in a fail.

You can improve your chances of your car through an MOT by regularly checking your tyres. Look for bulges, blisters and other damage, as well as making sure tyre pressures are those recommended by the manufacturer.

Air conditioning

The air conditioning within your vehicle is another area that you should regularly be checking to ensure it is working at full capacity. Systems can leak over time and it is something that should be monitored. This should be carried out by a trained technician due to the complex nature of air conditioning systems and their importance to a vehicle.

Should your car have lost some of the gases required for the system to work effectively, an air conditioning recharge can be carried out quickly and easily and ensure the car is running at its optimum.


Having lights that do not work correctly can see a car fail its MOT, so it is imperative that you give them a once over before taking your car in for a test. Turning the front and rear lights on and asking a friend or relative to alert you to any issues with bulbs at the back of the car is important.

You don’t want to book your car in for a test and then have it fail because of an issue that could be resolved very quickly.

Wipers and screenwash

Drivers should change windscreen wipers regularly and it makes sense to do this ahead of an MOT, as this will ensure there are no comments about this particular component.

While replacing the windscreen wipers, it is important to ensure the screen wash reservoir is replenished, as a car can fail its MOT if this is dry or low on liquid. Once again this is a disappointing reason for a vehicle to fail an MOT test and cost you money, so spending a few minutes resolving the issue can be kind on the wallet.

Other maintenance

There are a few things that you should do before a test that are often disregarded. The first is to check the horn works on the vehicle as this can be a reason for a failed test. It is also important to clean a car inside and out before an MOT, as testers can refuse to carry out a test if a vehicle is too dirty.