Technology Inside a Car – Too Many Distractions or Not a Factor?

Technology can be a great thing, but it can also be debilitating to the nation’s drivers. There are arguments that the ever present technology in people’s cars these days are far too distracting for the driver. Others argue that technology in one’s car does not need to detract from the main reason they are in a car which is to get from point A to point B.

Though the car industry is not quite there yet, industry experts predict that five years from now people will be able to purchase cars that will drive themselves; freeing the driver up to entertain themselves and/or any of their passengers while on the road. While many people feel that this will lead to safer roads across the country, there is still a lot of debate surrounding whether or not all the technological features of today’s new cars should be there or not. Many attorneys speak of car accident rates increasing due to distracted driving caused by cell phones and other gadgets.

technology inside a car

It isn’t just the stereotypical irresponsible driver/busy soccer mom who uses technology in their car; it is presumably high end businessmen and women as well. In an article published in June of 2013 a venture capitalist confessed to manually selecting articles on his mobile phone for a robotic voice to read aloud to him. This begs the question of whether or not a person’s level of intelligence dictates whether or not they can handle the distractions technology presents while driving.

One way in which technology can benefit drivers is a new Android application that senses when one is in their car and sets their phone to automatically answer emails and text messages with a preselected message that states they are currently driving. Few could argue the benefit of using this particular app while behind the wheel.

Another way in which technology can be beneficial to drivers will be provided in the near future by Apple. The company plans to release an interface that lets people use their iPhones while on the road in ways that will assist them on their commute. This includes Google Now’s ability to estimate a driver’s commute to/from work. It will also provide drivers with a larger screen than they would have on their GPS to display the directions they need, turn by turn.

Limiting Technology When Car is in Motion

According to AAA the future of smart cars will result in drivers being even more distracted than they were in the past. They have released a report stating that even if drivers have both their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road that alone is not enough to ensure that they drive safely; so surely adding in the distractions of a smart car can’t be a good. An official for AAA has gone on record stating that AAA does not mind supporting new technology in cars but they are concerned that drivers won’t strike the right balance between a driver’s safety and the convenience the new technology provides. Their idea is to limit how functional these technological extras are when a car is in motion.